moni::app - Brings moni::tool to your Smartphone!





 What is moni::app?

moni::app is an Android app for moni::tool. It gives you a quick overview of the current system state of your monitoring station and allows you to analyze historic data. The app is limited to displaying data, it is not possible to change any settings of moni::tool. 

How does it work?

Download and Setup:

  • Visit the Google app store (also called “Play Store”) and search for “moni::app”.
  • Download and install moni::app on your Android device.
  • Open the app.
    Per default moni::app connects to the s::can moni::tool demo station ( This station shows
    data from the s::can aquarium located at s::can Vienna and can be used for testing moni::app.
  • Use the “Menu” button on your Android device to open the setup
  • To display data from your station you have to create one profile
    for each con::cube.
    See the moni::app guide for detailed information on how to setup the profile



You can add moni::app Status and moni::app Alarm as icon on the
Desk of your Android device. These icons inform you about Status
and possible Alarms on your con::cube station(s).


  • Alarm as overview of multiple stations
  • different icons for different stations

  • profile name shows beneath icons









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