About moni::tool


 A true software revolution that changes the face of water quality monitoring, data validation and event detection!


Why use Monitoring Station Software?

The rising popularity of online sensors means that ever increasing amounts of data are collected. Online results increase the understanding of water quality, but the amount of data can be so enormous that it is impossible to manually verify and interpret the data. Automatic validation and event detection is therefore crucial to exploit the potential of online monitoring.

moni::tool - The modular approach


What is special about moni::tool?

s::can has developed a modular software package to improve data availability and quality. The concept looks at the whole system: hardware, software and operator. Only this all enveloping approach can guarantee that operational control and / or event detection work reliably. Using raw, unvalidated information for control or event detection will result in a high false alarm rate or in poor sensitivity.

The Modular Approach:

The s::can software package for water quality monitoring is split into three modules:

      • moni::toolTM - Sensor and Station Management

Provides management of probes and stations. It documents critical manipulations, from user login to maintenance and logbook keeping. It also has intuitive visualisation tools to display all information in a clear and easy to understand format. more 

      • vali:.tool - Data Validation

Automatically detects, marks and (optionally) corrects untrustworthy data. It ensures only high quality data are fed into the event detection module. It also provides the user with indications on sensor maintenance requirements, as well as automatic detection of malfunctions. more

      • ana::tool - Event Detection

With ana::tool  your existing simple water quality monitoring station morphs into a fail-safe EDS-system! more



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