System Live Update

  • Save time for update to newest moni::tool release
  • Update without USB stick and no need for downloading update package from s::can portal
  • New available versions of moni::tool are displayed directly on con::cube
  • Internet connection needed

 Multipoint Calibration

  • For i::scan and spectrometer probes
  • Collect up to 1000 samples per parameter
  • See and rate correlation between sensor and lab based on graphically and numberous information

 Aggregated Export

  • Setup export aggregation for advanced or expert user service level
  • Aggregated measurements to reduce the size of the exported data

 Hidden Parameters

  • Hide parameters within values and time series
  • This can be useful in case of using parameters as input for a free formula or just to have them installed, logged and exported but not visible on the display

 SMS Notification

  • Send an SMS in case a configurable condition occurs
  • Text of message can be freely chosen
  • New SMS commando ‘get results’ to receive the measurement results by SMS

 Fast polling of sensors

  • Fastest possible measurement interval is not limited by measurement duration of spectro::lyser and i::scan anymore
  • Measuring without cleaning interval reduced to only 15 seconds

 Intensive Mode

  • Measuring and cleaning intervals can be automatically adjusted - based on a defined condition (e.g. TSS > 100 mg/l)
  • Measure much faster/clean more intensive in case of an event, sewer overflow or flooding

 Logging Services

  • Calibration History file export: Calibration history of all parameters can be exported into ACSI files
  • Additional logs for i::scan and spectrometer written into log file: Result of functional check and “Set reference to zero”
  • Automatic Export Samples: export every sample taken into ASCI files

External Trigger

  • Trigger measurements and cleaning con::cube externally
  • Use your auto-sampler to trigger measurements on con::cube (e.g. measure only, when probe is in water or at heavy rainfalls …)

H2S and NH3 Formula

  • Files containing the formula for H2S and NH3 are available on your con::cube file system




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