About s::can

Andreas Weingartner

Andreas Weingartner

CEO and Owner

s::can GmbH 

s::can is the only firm in the world that has given its heart and soul to online water quality measurement.

s::can is a privately owned company, based and founded 1999 in Vienna, Austria with subsidiaries in the USA, China and France.

s::can is the world technology leader for submersible online UV-Vis spectrometer probes, Water Protection Systems and Event Detection Software and provides monitoring systems for drinking-, environmental-, waste-, and industrial water applications. s::can offers a full range of sensors for the monitoring of nutrients, organic substances and physical parameters for various purposes – online, in-situ, auto-cleaned, virtually maintenance-free and works-calibrated. 

s::can’s unique technology allows the measurement of numerous parameters by using only one s::can terminal which operates all types of s::can and other manufacturer’s probes.

The s::can water quality monitoring station – a modular combination of a single s::can terminal, several s::can probes and flow-through cells – minimizes the complexity of water analysis for ready-to-go-monitoring. 

More than 3500 s::can monitoring systems are in use worldwide. The results obtained with these instruments in source-, sewer-, waste-, river- and ground water monitoring provide impressive data for the benefit of both, man and the environment.

All s::can instruments are extremely robust, cost-effi cient and virtually maintenance free. Thus, s::can technology has marked the beginning of a new era in water quality monitoring. The spectrum of applications for s::can technology includes: communal and industrial wastewater, drinking water treatment, surface water, intake protection, source water, pipes, distribution networks, sewers and industrial processes. 

The parameter range covers: BOD, COD, BTX, TOC, DOC, NO3, NO2, NH4, K+, F-, TSS, Turbidity, pH, ORP, EC, O2, O3, H2S, Free Chlorine, Total Chlorine, Contaminant Alarm, UV-254, Color, Temperature, Hydrocarbon Alarm, to name just a few.

To find out more about our probes and monitorng stations visit s-can.at!

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