Evaluation license

What is the moni::tool evaluation license?

With every moni::tool license (also if you just purchased the basic version) you get all moni::tool functions for a 120 days trial period.  The evaluation license gives you the opportunity to try out all advanced and pro features of moni::tool. After 120 days only the originally purchased functions are still available and the maximum number of parameters also drops to what you have paid for.

If the evaluation license is running on your system, you will see the following information every time you login:

Push „Remind me later“ to avoid to seeing this message for one day.

After pushing „Details“ you will see the current status of all licensed features:

In the case above only the basic moni::tool license was purchased and therefore only 4 parameters and no advanced or pro features will available after 24-05-2014.

If you want to use a feature of the evaluation license after the trial period has ended, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to order additional licenses.



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