Free Formula

Allows the creation of virtual parameters out of the measurement results from other parameters with a custom “free formula”

    • Unlimited number of virtual parameters (limited only by type of moni::tool license)
    • Possible usage of any parameter monitored (read value or corrected value) and also of single wavelengths from the spectral fingerprint
    • An extensive range of mathematical operations can be performed, from basic arithmetics to higher mathematics (sin, log, exp, max, min and many more)
    • The virtual parameters are treated like every other parameter (available in time series, can be exported, ...)

Auto Data Export

moreFree Formula

Automatic File Transfer

Automatic File Transfer of all relevant measurements and results to ASCII format

    • Customizable format data transfer + ASCII
    • Import to any spreadsheet application (e. g. Excel)
    • SSH-Transfer, FTP-Transfer and TML-Interface (XML-Based)


Auto Data Export

moreAutomatic File Transfer

SMS Notification

Send an SMS in case a configurable condition occurs. (This function uses the con::cube internal modem)

    • Every digital out function can be used to trigger a SMS notification. This gives almost unlimited possibilities. Example conditions could be: The value of a parameter exceeds a set value; there is an alarm for a parameter; the Service Mode of moni::tool is started; ...
    • The text of the SMS messages can be freely chosen



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